Events 2014



20.01.   Prof. Scott Denmark

            University of Illinois, USA

            „Lewis Base Activation of Lewis Acids: A New Paradigm for Catalysis in Main

            Group Chemistry”


28.01.   Dr. Erik t.J. Nibbering

            Max-Born-Institut, Berlin

            “Linear FT-IR and ultrafst 2D-IR spectroscopy of hydrogen bonds: from

            acid-base pairs complexes to complex nucleobase pairing”


15.04.   Dr. Chavdar Slavov

            Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

            “Lifetime density analysis – an insightful data analysis method for

             time-resolved optical spectroscopy”


29.04.   Dr. Evelyn Plötz

            Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, Groningen, NL

            “Deciphering the molecular mechanism of transport via ABC importers

             using smFRET”


13.05.   Dr. Benjamin Fingerhut

            Max-Born-Institut, berlin

            “The Photoprotection mechanism of the RNA nucleobase Uracil: Vibronic

            spectroscopy with IR and RAMAN probes”


20.05.   Prof. Sason Shaik

            Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel

            “From Hydrogen Exchange all the Way to Cytochrome P450 Hydroxylation:

            The Valence Bond Way”


24.09.   Prof. Serge Gorelsky

            University of Ottawa, Canada

            “Opening up the black box of QM calculations: new insights into the electronic

            structure and reactivity of transition metal complexes”


18.10.   Prof. Donald Hilvert (guest at the “Faltertage”, Regensburg,

            organized by Prof. Kiefhaber)

             ETH Zürich, CH

            “Building better enzymes”


30.10.   Dr. Berhard Lang

            University of Geneva, CH

            “Watching bimolecular electron transfer from femtosecond to microsecond

            time scales: how to study dynamics of states which do not show transient



13.11.   Dr. Michael Grubb

            University of Bristol, UK

            “Understanding the effect of solvent types on photodissociation:

             an ICN case study”


20.11.   Prof. Mehran Mostafavi

            Université Paris-Sud, France

            “The reactivity of the radical cation H2O+° and the excess electron in solution

             studied by picosecond pulse radiolysis”


03.12.   Prof. Igor Alabugin

            Florida State University, USA

            “New tricks from Alkynes: From Transition State Stereoelectronics to

            Cascades, Radical Pools and Traceless Directing Groups”


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