Events 2018



June and July    Prof. Henry F. Schaefer (guest of Prof. Christian Ochsenfeld, TP C04)






18.01. Dr. Cristian Manzoni (Guest at BMO)

            Polytecnico di Milano, Italy

            "Two-dimensional spectroscopy in the ultraviolet by a birefringent delay line"


27.03. Dr. Pavel Malevich (Guest at BMO)

            Technical University of Vienna, Austria

            "Simultaneousshot-to-shot detection of 3rd and 5th order signals at 50 kHz"


26.04. Dr. David Novoa Fernándes (Guest at BMO)

            Max-Planck-Institut , Erlangen

            "Harnessing light with gas and glass: from supercontinuum generation to

             optp-molecular modulation"


17.05. Dr. Ulf Rosspeintner (Guest at BMO)

            Université de Genève, Switzerland

             "Photo-induced Bimolecular Charge Separation and Recombination in Liquid

              Solution: model free analysis of transient-absorption spectra and kinetics

              beyond the classical description"


28.05. Prof. Erick Carreira

             ETH Zurich, Switzerland

              "New Insights in Catalysis"


07.06. Prof. Martin Goez (Guest at BMO)

            Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

             "Accessing the super-reductant eaq through sustainable photoionizations"


02.07. Prof. Georgios Vassilikogiannakis

            University of Crete, Greece

             "Sustainable synthesis of high value N-containing compounds using

              singlet oxygen: Continuous flow photooxidations in nebula"


06.07. Dr. Maria Manuel Marques

            New University of Lisbon, Portugal

            "Azaindole synthesis and applications: a metal-catalysed journey"


09.07. Prof. Henry F. Schaefer (Guest in the group of Prof. Ochsenfeld)

            University of Georgia, USA

            "Togni Reagent Chemistry: Hypervalent Iodine"


20.07. Dr. Jesus Alcazar

            Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of J&J, Toledo, Spain

            "Flow Chemistry and Photochemistry as a Tool for the Discovery of New Drugs"


25.09. Prof. Hiriyakkanavar Ila

            JNCASR Bangalore, India

            "Heterocycle Synthesis at the helm of Organosulfur Precursors"


27.09. Dr. Corinne Gosmini

            CNRS Palaiseau, France

            "Cobalt: an economic alternative catalyst for C-C bond formation by reductive



08.10. Prof. Naoya Kumagai

            Tokyo University, Japan

             "Chemistry Empowered by  Unique Heterocycles"


22.10. Prof. Jérôme Lacour

            Universität Genf, Schweiz

            "From Cationic Helical Derivates to Metal-Free and Metal-Bond Ylide Chemistry"


23.10. Dr. Sander J. Wezenberg

            University of Groningen, Netherlands

             "Dynamic control of function by light-driven molecular switches and moters"


25.10. Dr. Marcus Beutler (Guest at BMO)

             APE Angewandte Physik & Elektronik GmbH, Berlin

              "Dissertation - und nun?" Erfahrungen aus dem Übergang von der

              universitären Forschung in die Industrie


29.10. Prof. David Sarlah

            University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

            "Dearomative Functionalization Strategies andd Synthesis of Anticancer

             Natural Products"


05.11. Prof. Dean Toste

            UC California, Berkeley, USA

            "Catalysis in Confined Spaces"


09.11. Prof. Ivan Aprahamian

            Dartmouth College, NH USA

            "Hydrazone-based switches and functional materials"


19.11. Prof. Raphael Rodriguez

             CNRS/INSERM, Institute Marie Curie, France

             "Reprogramming the Reactivity of Iron in Cancer"


28.11. Prof. Patrick Nürnberger (Guest at BMO)

            Ruhr-Universität Bochum

             "Studies an how an environment variation may impact ultrafast



07.12. Prof. Konrad Kowalski

            Universität Lodz, Polen

             "Ferrocenyl XNA nucleosides: synthesis and properties"    


10.12. Dr. Jochen Niemeyer

             Universität Duisburg-Essen

             "Applications of Chiral Phosphoric Acids in Supramolecular Chemosensing

              and Organocatalysis"


14.12. Dr. Janina Bergmann

             Philipps-Universität Marburg

             "Pathophysiological impact of viperin's antiviral product DDHCTP

             on Mitochondria"







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