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Publications 2018

Chiroptical properties play a crucial role not only for molecular structures and their functions but also for advanced applications such as molecular sensing, absolute asymmetric synthesis, or information processing and storage. Manipulating chiroptical characteristics in a predictable and reversible fashion by outside means is ... READ MORE

The decay of electronically excited states of thymine (Thy) and thymidine 5′-monophosphate (TMP) was studied by time-resolved UV/vis and IR spectroscopy. In addition to the well-established ultrafast internal conversion to the ground state, a so far unidentified UV-induced species is observed. In D2O, this species decays ... READ MORE

Substituted indigo derivatives undergo photoisomerization of the central double bond if both nitrogen atoms are functionalized. Indigo itself however does not photoisomerize because of a competing and highly efficient excited‐state proton transfer. In this work, we show that also mono‐arylated indigo undergoes photoisomerization ... READ MORE

Remote control of complex molecular behavior and function is one key problem in modern chemistry. Using light signaling for this purpose has many advantages, however the integration of different photo processes into a wholesome yet complex system is highly challenging. Here we report an alternative approach to increase complexity of ... READ MORE

Hemithioindigo-based molecular motors are powered by nondamaging visible light and provide very fast directional rotations at ambient conditions. Their ground state energy profile has been probed in detail, but the crucial excited state processes are completely unknown so far. In addition, very fast processes in the ground state are ... READ MORE

Hemithioindigo compounds are attractive two-way molecular photoswitches combining stilbene and thioindigo parts connected by a C–C double bond. In solution, these photoswitches have been well studied. This study presents the investigation of a hemithioindigo derivative in the gas phase. Visible absorption spectra, measured by standard ... READ MORE


Recently diphenyl-pyrazole (DPP) compounds and especially anle138b were found to reduce the aggregation of α-synuclein or READ MORE

A very short, high yielding, and convergent synthesis with broad substrate scope, enabling access to a very diverse range of hemithioindigos with 4-fold substituted double-bonds, is presented. With this method, carbon as well as nitrogen, oxygen, or sulfur based substituents can easily be introduced, delivering a wide array of novel ... READ MORE

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