Research Area B
Publications 2018

The excited-state dynamics of a T-shaped bichromophoric molecule, consisting of two strong fluorophores, diphenyloxazole and diphenylpyrazoline, directly linked in an orthogonal geometry, was investigated. Despite the weak coupling ensured by this geometry and confirmed by the electronic absorption spectra, this dyad exhibits only weak ... READ MORE

Herein we report the first photochromic polyoxometalate (POM)-based diarylethene (DAE) coordination complex, prepared by ligation of two cobalt(III)-incorporated borotungstates [BIIIWVI11O39CoIII]6– with the ditopic pyridyl-containing diarylethene ... READ MORE

The kinetics of epoxide formation by Darzens condensation of aliphatic ketones  with arylsulfonyl-substituted chloromethyl anions (ArSO2CHCl) have been determined photometrically in DMSO solution at 20 °C. The reactions proceed via nucleophilic attack of the carbanions at the carbonyl group to give ... READ MORE

2-Cinnamoylimidazolium ions 4 have been synthesized by treatment of 2-cinnamoylimidazoles 8 with methyl triflate. They were characterised by NMR and mass spectroscopy, in one case (4f) also by X-ray analysis. The kinetics of their reactions [and also those of cinnamoyl fluoride ... READ MORE

Hemithioindigo-based molecular motors are powered by nondamaging visible light and provide very fast directional rotations at ambient conditions. Their ground state energy profile has been probed in detail, but the crucial excited state processes are completely unknown so far. In addition, very fast processes in the ground state are ... READ MORE

Changes in rate constants, equivalent to changes in Gibbs energies of activation ΔG, are commonly referred to as kinetic effects and differentiated from thermodynamic effects (ΔrG°). Often, little attention is paid to the fact that structural effects on ΔG are ... READ MORE

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